Laura Denmar

British actor, vocalist, writer and epic explorer. Based in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada.

Stop explaining yourself. Shut up and act!
– Craig MacDonald

Actor. Vocalist. Musician. Writer. Explorer.

What’s Going On?…

Delighted to have been cast as Rita in Quentin Ferrant’s upcoming production of ‘Musk Lake’…shooting late January.

It’s Corona. Not a whole bunch is going on right now. I recently finished filming for Peracal’s Productions of ‘Strangers and Neighbours.‘ I am working on building the brand of my company and conducting research for my PhD.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Laura. An English woman lost in Toronto. I love traveling and have been fortunate enough to be able to combine my passion for exploring with my creative pursuits. I drink copious cups of tea everyday. Obviously. I spend my time labouring over Austen and Shakespeare and apologizing profusely to everyone I meet for mistakes I haven’t made yet. ..Read more

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