Writing Samples

Bear with me…coming soon.

Series of children’s books: Ted Bear’s Adventures, 2018-2019

All the animals of Pawclaw Road loved Ted Bear the cotton-white cat. Ted Bear was a great big snowball of fluff and warmth, with ocean blue eyes and whiskers that twitched for adventures.

Ted Bear knew that there existed a world far far bigger than the village with his human pets and animal family. A world of infinite stories to hear and to tell. Stories that came from a magical, and yet very real place in time, that went by the name of ‘history.’

A series of books depicting one cat’s adventures through time and history (eliciting from the British primary curriculum for ‘history and social studies.’)

Article featured in City Connect: THE HERD THAT CANCELLED DEPP: http://www.city-connect.org/the-herd-that-cancelled-depp/

Radio Drama, 2018.

A dramatic exploration of Ulster’s religious and political dichotomy, hurling Catherine Isla’s moral predicament into startling context.

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