Demo Reel 1
Latest Commercial: Ozzy’s Burgers
Peter Pan short reel
Showreel 2018
Extracts from ‘The Monologue Diaries’ – Some of my favourite characters
Demo Reel 2
Arabic Showreel
Finalist in the Gardner original duologue competition, (Sound removed due to festival regulations)
Writing…vocals…piano stuff
Acting Voice Reel and Accents
The COUNTDOWN single. 2010. Alberto Sorrentino
ANY FRENCH DIALECT COACHES IN ONTARIO OUT THERE?? I have a B2 level of proficiency/fluency in French, got shortlisted for this VO job, sound extremely un-French. I just think it would be so useful to be able to audition as a bilingual actor in Canada – is this feasible as a non-native speaker?? Please feel free to reach out to me with rates, i would be SUPER DUPER interested in getting to C1 as well. 🙂
For a Spanish learning platform: “Spanish with Paul’ – apologies if there are some mistakes and mispronunciations, this was unscripted. It’s a BRILLIANT learning platform.
Streetcar monologue 2015
Vocalist One
Oliver rehearsals and gallery: London, 2019
My Best Friend, by Sarah Teale, 2018, London.
Complementary Bread; the Barrel Project 2017

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